Rainbows and Dragonflies

To be or not to be perfect

Posted on: July 11, 2010

Something has been on my mind since April (thank you Blackberry voice notes).  As women we tend to be nurturers and want/have to be everything to everyone. Wife, girlfriend, sibling, daughter, mother, employee, employer…There are so many people and things that need attention. Sadly, we tend to be very last on the list at the end of the day. I freely admit that I am guilty of this. I expend so much energy for everyone else and have little left for myself. I get exhausted thinking about all of the things that I didn’t accomplish and feel need to be added to the next day’s to do list. Every day I measured myself against this imaginary yard stick and consistently came up short. I had my share of breakdowns and one day I finally cut myself some slack. I allowed myself to NOT be perfect. I allowed myself to just be me. If I need a break then I should take it and life will go on. If I need help then I should ask for it and not feel weak. If I can’t finish everything I set out to do at work it’s not the end of the world. The company will keep running. I just have to do things to the best of my ability and let it be.


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