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If I had it to do over

Posted on: September 2, 2010

I’ve been thinking about my son’s birth recently,  and there are things that I would do over again if given the chance. Aside from the C-section which I couldn’t change 1. I wouldn’t have procrastinated before going to the hospital. I would have finished getting my bag ready and watching the childbirth DVDs and put the dern carseat in the car. 2. I would have asked for pain medicine more often and not tried to grin and bear it. 3. I wouldn’t have had ANY visitors while we were in the hospital. It’s nice that people wanted to see how we were doing but I REALLY could have used that time to sit with Li’l T and practice breastfeeding. It was also uncomfortable trying to get up without flashing everyone with what was under my gown. 4. I would have gotten my nurses’ names so I could have sent thank you cards and pictures. 5. I would have follow-ed up with my OBGYN on time like I was supposed to.

Oh, well, you live and you learn. All I can do it take notes on what I do and don’t want for the next one.


1 Response to "If I had it to do over"

If I could go back I would have stayed home longer for sure and totally would have gotten that epidural sooner. I don’t get a better baby because I suffered longer than I needed to.

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