Rainbows and Dragonflies

Fall Greetings

Posted on: October 22, 2010

Sorry for the lull in posts. Life has caught up with me and I haven’t been able to put my mind to blogging. Anyway, today’s topic is Fall.

Fall is my FAVORITE season and both Li’l T and I are Fall babies. Yes, he was born in Dec but it was before the Winter Solstice. Now that Summer’s over we’ll be spending more time outside enjoying the weather. The air is crisper and the sky is clearer and it just has this feeling to it. The leaves turn such beautiful colors and I love crunching on them while I walk along. The summer clothes are put away and the sweaters and boots start making appearances.

Speaking of clothing, I’m still working on Li’l T’s booties. Even after restarting the project I’m still not sure if they’re coming out right. I need to finish though so I can move on to making a hat for him. We have family to visit in the coming weeks and he needs to stay warm while we’re traveling. Picture a crocheted page boy cap on a 10/11 month old. LOVE IT!!!!

So, are you a Fall lover like me? What do you or don’t like about this season?


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