Rainbows and Dragonflies

11 months already?

Posted on: November 10, 2010

Today Li’l T turned 11 months old and I really want to cry. He’s not my little baby anymore. It was only 6 months or so ago when he couldn’t sit up by himself. Now he’s trying to run (he’s been taking a few steps here and there). He readily feeds himself with his hands and he’s completely off baby food. Sippy cups with a straw are no match for him. He has THE greatest laugh ever and is totally amused by bigger kids. He’s still feisty at diaper changes so Big T and I have started singing the theme songs for some of his favorite songs to get his attention. Wonder Pets, Nihao Kai-Lan, Fresh Beat Band, Backyardigans. I don’t think our tv knows any channel other than Nick Jr. LOL He’s ready to explore the world but I’m just not ready yet. I want my little baby back.


1 Response to "11 months already?"

sweet post! they do grow up way too fast. Thanks for visiting Marlie and Me this WW!

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