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Party Planning

Posted on: November 20, 2010

Well, the first birthday is coming up. Where did the time go??? The last 6 months have been a blur. Basically, from the time I had to go back to work everything has flown by. It was just 6 months ago that he was learning how to sit on his own and now we have a walker who knows a few words. I’m way behind where I WANTED to be in planning for this party so this weekend it’s ON. The invitations have to be designed AND distributed no later than the beginning of next week. Luckily most people can get them by hand. I would still like to do a cake smash photo session with Li’l T. Too bad I can’t use that picture for the invitation but maybe I can display it at the party.

Theme. Originally I wanted to do “Goodnight Gorilla” but I think I was the only one who thought that was a good idea. So, I’m moving on to Wonder Pets. And thanks to the Nick Jr. website I have a lot of ideas for the party. There will be two parts. For his actual birthday on Friday we’ll do cupcakes at daycare. His party will be on Saturday with family friends.




And no Wonder Pet is complete without a cape.

How to throw a Wonder Pets birthday party


2 Responses to "Party Planning"

I love the idea of a Wonder Pets theme! My toddler loves the Wonder Pets too. 🙂

Can’t wait to see pics from the party!!!

The theme has grown on me and I can’t wait for it to come together. I have way too many plans for a first birthday but hey you only get the first one time. LOL

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