Rainbows and Dragonflies

12 month check-up

Posted on: January 2, 2011

Li’l T had his 12 month well-baby appointment on Thursday. He’s 21 lbs 1 oz and 30.5 inches tall. He passed his hearing test with no problems. The doctor wanted to see how he walks so she put him on the floor and held his hands. He pushed her off and walked away. Rude little kid. LOL He got two shots (Hep A, combo Varicella/MMR) and had to get blood drawn for the lead test. That blood draw was one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with. I had to hold him while they got a needle into his tiny vein. I’m his mother, I’m not supposed to hold him down while someone hurts him. It broke my heart and I almost started crying. 😦 We took him home and babied him for the rest of the day.

Li’l T can say several words: up, aat (cat), roar (for his stuffed lion), daddy, yay, hi, bye, kitten, whoa, ow (when he bumsp his head), uh oh and hot. He recognizes the theme song to the Wonders Pets and looks for one of us to sing with the show. When reading “Goodnight Gorilla” I make a snoring sound on the last page and now he does it too when the book is open. One of his favorite books is a touch and feel book on kittens. Just holding it calms him down when he’s upset. We still struggle at diaper change time.  I’ve already told him that until he can do it on his own he has to deal with it.

The babe is a comedian in the making. He’ll do things to have someone mimic him. Arm movements, fake coughs, and squeezing his eyes shut and then peeking out. He loves to laugh and is highly ticklish. Sometimes he’ll even walk over to be tickled. Seeing his reflection in the mirror or a picture of himself sends him into a giggle fit.

We’ve transitioned to sippy cups and whole milk. Thanks goodness since formula was EXPENSIVE! And he eats just about anything. He hasn’t been introduced to nuts or shellfish yet. Under the doc’s advice, we’ll hold off on shrimp until his second birthday because of an allergy that runs in my family.

We’re working on another set of teeth. He’s been running a lowgrade fever, fighting naptime, screaming and drooling A LOT. I looked into his mouth yesterday and saw the form of a molar on the lower left gumline.  He won’t let anyone in his mouth so I haven’t been able to check out the rest of those gums. Orajel, acetaminophen or ibuprofen and lots of teething rings are our go to methods for now. If anyone has any other suggestions I’m open.


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