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Taking a trip sans kid

Posted on: January 4, 2011

Big T and I are planning a getaway this Spring. Due to financial issues we weren’t able to take a honeymoon after we got married in 2006. As a reward from my job, we have an opportunity to stay at a resort for 5 nights and only have to worry about flight, food, and incidentals. We’ve picked the location but we’ve gone back and forth about taking Li’l T with us. I’ll be honest and say that I’m torn sometimes. We could REALLY use this time away alone but I know I’ll miss the little one. The plan is to send him down South with family and the time we’ve chosen is also Spring Break for my nephew. I know he’ll be surrounded by family and have fun but a part of me can’t help thinking that we shouldn’t be apart for that long. But on the other hand, it would be heavenly to have some time out of our environment where we aren’t woken up at 6 am by a little voice. Or having to cut our evening short because it’s Li’l T’s bedtime. I know in the end we’ll go without him but I anticipate it being hard. Has anyone been in his situation? How did you deal with it?


6 Responses to "Taking a trip sans kid"

I so NEED this type of vacation. SO BAD. We’re trying to get K used to her grandparents in longer stretches, hoping maybe my hubby can take a day or two at memorial day and give us a chance at SOMETHING for ourselves.

I understand. I plan to do a lot of video chatting before he goes down. He was iffy on the family (except the little kids) the last time we went.

I’m no help because Chauncey and I were in the exact same situation. We never took a honeymoon and ended up going to Jamaica WITH Mikayla. I couldn’t bear to leave her. In the end I was happy she got to go and experience time in a different culture but real talk….we should have left the munchkin with family down south as well. But you live and you learn. I don’t regret it I just felt she was too little to leave (17 months old). But please believe the next trip will be sans ALL kiddos and just me and the hubster

We’re leaving in April so he’ll be 16 months then. It’s going to be hard. LOL

I can so relate. I was so broken up the first time we left our first son. I felt such a range of emotion…. from sadness and guilt and missing him, to relief and badly needing the break.

Our son stayed with my mom, and he ended up having a great weekend. And of course, my husband and I did too.

You will be fine, and you and your hubby deserve it. Enjoy! (((hugs)))

While I totally understand your apprehension of leaving Lil T for that long, I am also in the group that says go and enjoy your husband – alone. You can’t be a good mom if you’re not rejuvenated yourself. And when you come back from that vacation – maybe you should take a short weekend jaunt by yourself. I’m just saying.

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