Rainbows and Dragonflies

14 Months

Posted on: February 21, 2011

14-Month-Old Child

No! If you haven’t yet heard that simple word from your toddler’s lips, get ready — it’s coming.

Wave bye-bye to mommy! That’s just one of the many tricks your toddler can do now, along with following a one-step verbal command (i.e., “give Daddy the ball”) and maybe even stacking a couple of cubes. He might have about a half-dozen words in his vocabulary by now and “no” is likely one of them. Negativity is a pretty effective way for him to demonstrate his newfound identity and flex his ever-strengthening independence muscle. And speaking of independence, this is a good time to think about setting (a few) limits for your child and laying the groundwork for a united front when it comes to discipline. You and Daddy need to be on the same page about what’s allowed and what the consequences should be when your toddler acts out. Remember, he’s still very young, so it’s too soon for time-outs (he won’t understand…and he won’t stay put) and spanking is never an effective discipline tactic. Other typical behavior these days: the urge to make messes and empty things from, well, just about anywhere: cupboards, wastebaskets, drawers, toy bins — any receptacle is fair game. Dropping things is another favorite pastime as your toddler delights in experimentation (and watching you pick up the pieces). In other news, keep an eye out for these normal and temporary conditions: bowlegs, flat feet, and toeing out (he walks like a duck). All three should disappear as his legs and feet develop and his balance improves. Lastly, playtime is crucial for building both motor and social skills as well as self-esteem, so provide plenty of opportunity and space for fun. Oh, and you have fun, too!

14 months started on the 10th and I can’t believe how grown Li’l T is. The article is right, he does say “no”. Very FIRMLY, and complete with head shaking. How did he learn to to put that together and how to use it properly??? LOL He loves to sing. I’ve recognized the tune of the alphabet song, “eieio” for Old MacDonald, and HO STEEL (Hold Still) from the Yo Gabba Gabba Wiggle Song. Reading is still a favorite activity. I’ve caught him a few times just sitting in his room with a book while “reading” out loud. Love that kid. 🙂

We keep a pile of pillows on the floor in our bedroom and he likes to throw himself on them and roll around. He does the same to our bed because it feels like one big pillow. Li’l T likes to run laps through the kitchen, den, living room, and dining room. It’s all one big circle. He likes to play in the cabinet and in the fridge and has added trying to climb into the warming drawer under the stove and playing in the dishwasher. And the new fun is “washing” his hands in the kitchen sink. I don’t remember when he first started reaching for the water but it’s been over ever since. He drags us to the kitchen and gets very upset if he’s not allowed in the sink. Being over 20lbs, he’s HEAVY to hold at the sink. I’ve started pulling a chair into the kitchen and just letting him go at. It’s a win-win.

I don’t think he says any new words since my last milestone update but he does understand more. Come here, get down (when he climbs up the steps), get me (what he has in his hand).

Teeth. His top cuspids and his top right molar have broken through his gums. We’re just waiting for the other three molars to finally break through and stop swelling his gums. We’ve been at this for well over a month.

Foods. He eats just about anything you give him now. Including eating all of the food off of mommy’s plate so she has nothing left. :-/ He LOVES clementines and will bite into the skin to get at one. He likes yogurt and I’ve moved on from the Yo-Baby he used to get. Now, I just give him plain Greek yogurt with honey and a fruit. He eats it all up. Wheat pasta plain or with marinara or pesto. Oatmeal is a favorite breakfast. I make it from scratch add a little brown sugar, milk, butter and a fruit.

All in all I’m just amazed that I have this walking (running) semi-talking little kid. Where did my baby go? *sniff* *sniff*


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