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Anticipating the End of Cloth Diapering

Posted on: February 25, 2011

We’re going into our second (and possibly last) year of cloth diapering. This summer I’ll start introducing Li’l T to the potty encouraging him to give up diapers. It’ll be a bittersweet moment because his bum has always looked so cute in cloth. At the moment he’s cloth-diapered only half time. Now, that he’s eating any and EVERYTHING his diapers aren’t a pretty sight. His daycare providers aren’t allowed to dump out his diapers so his smelly diapers have to sit in the wet bag and funk up the baby room. We’ve moved him to Seventh Generation chlorine-free diapers and wipes for daycare while we do pockets at home. The day will come though that I’ll have to clean and pack up all of his diapers in anticipation of the POSSIBLE next kid.


2 Responses to "Anticipating the End of Cloth Diapering"

WAit a minute, they’re not ALLOWED to dump out his diapers? Since it’s ILLEGAL to put poop into the ‘waste’ or landfill, then I would have to disagree here. Please check the ‘legal’ requirements for your state. I think they’re trying to pull one over on you. There are written legal requirements for daycares in each state as far as changing diapers goes.

My state doesn’t have any mandates for disposing of fecal matter in the toilet for disposable or cloth diapers. Everything goes into a receptacle. http://www.marylandpublicschools.org/MSDE/divisions/child_care/licensing_branch/res_docs under “Diapering Procedure.”

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