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Fitness Check-In: Week 9

Posted on: February 27, 2011

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted any fitness updates. Oh well. This week starts week 9 of getting the pre-pre-baby body back. I say pre-pre-baby because I had some extra pounds when I got pregnant. As of last week, I’m down 10.8 11 pounds and I’m a few pounds away from where I was when I got pregnant. I’m down a dress size and fitting into my old pants again. The weight loss numbers have been lovely but THIS has been the greatest moment. Being able to pull out pants that I’ve had in storage. Donating skinny jeans that now look like baggy jeans. I’m still a work in progress when it comes to my blouses, though. Because of the squishy mommy belly those shirts are tight across the abdomen. I’m not worried because I know it will come.

I’m definitely NOT on a diet. I’m making a lifestyle change when it comes to eating that hopefully will rub off on the kid. We’re eating more homemade food and paying closer attention to serving sizes. More fresh foods and less pre-packaged.

Regimen: If I’m in the office then I’m in the gym at lunch. Cardio: Monday, Thursday. Flow yoga: Tuesday. Full body weight lifting: Wednesday, Friday. Sunday and Saturday are my “rest” days if you don’t count running behind Li’l T. 🙂 On workdays when I’m not in the office, like holidays or vacation days, I need to pull out my DVDs. Preferably, the dance mix or the Firm total body. With the vacation coming up in mid-April, I’ll be doing two a days and abstaining from all alcohol from mid-March until then. I’m planning on wearing a bikini down there and I want to reduce as much bloat as possible. LOL

I haven’t taken any measurements or photos but I’ll start that this week. If you’re a member of SparkPeople, look me up. I’m WaterChylde.


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