Rainbows and Dragonflies

Taking It Easy

Posted on: March 22, 2011

I was on my grind hitting the treadmill, lifting weights, and doing yoga when it happened. I injured myself. I have overuse injuries in both knees (runner’s knee?) with the right being more sore than the left. For the past week or so my knees have gone through varying degrees of soreness and stiffness. My doctor told me years ago that the popping sound in my knees was caused by having weak muscles around my knees. In my overzealous effort to build muscle and lose weight I didn’t take the time to properly develop those muscles. I increased the weight on the leg press and the speed of the treadmill too quickly. I ignored the weird feelings in my knees and shins. I didn’t stretch properly. Now, the imbalance in knee strength has me taking it very slow. I only walk on the treadmill and I’ve cut out the leg press and calf raises. I’m wearing a compression wrap on my right knee to give it some relief. I know that resting would be the best thing for me but I have to drive to work and chase after Li’l T. The best that I can do it keep my legs elevated when I do get time to sit down and use the heating pad. The pain has lessened and I know that  because it’s the knees it’ll take a while before I feel like myself again. I just have to remain patient and not push myself to soon.


1 Response to "Taking It Easy"

I feel your pain…literally. I am nursing sprained tendons in my left Achilles heel from overdoing exercises. It’s tough cause you want to workout hard, but your injury won’t let you. Sounds like we both need to take it easy.
btw, smoothies are great for little ones. Marlie started drinking them around 11 months. I don’t make them very thick. she loves them!

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