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16 months

Posted on: April 10, 2011

16-Month-Old Child

Who knew such a tiny person could have such a big stubborn streak?

This month, your formerly wobbly walker might just break into a run; he may also be climbing himself into a ton of trouble, so double-check your childproofing efforts — he can reach a lot more stuff than he could just a month ago. And just to confuse parents more than ever, some toddlers this age are terrified of strangers and dogs while other tots are virtually fearless, which could lead to danger. (Good news: There are tactics for dealing with both extremes.) At mealtime, be prepared for erratic eating habits: He gorges himself one day and eats next to nothing the next, rejects foods he used to love, or never slows down enough for a proper meal. Your picky eater might get picky about his high chair as well, clamoring to move to the big table with you and Dad — so consider a booster seat if he seems ready to make the switch. Don’t be surprised if your toddler shows a strong preference for you over everyone else including his father; flattering, yes, but not practical or fun for Daddy. There are several strategies to try to minimize “mommy-itis,” including making yourself scarce sometimes so Dad can step in and showing junior that you think Daddy is competent (“Wow, Daddy makes great pancakes!”) and fun (“Look what Daddy built with your blocks!”) In other news, Mr. Make-Up-His-Own-Mind may decide he suddenly hates the bathtub (you might just have to climb in there with him, armed with soap crayons and a new fleet of plastic boats). Teething may crank up the crank factor, so be ready with simple soothers (a chilled teething ring or a partially defrosted bagel work well; brandy or any type of alcohol is a definite no-no). Finally, bring on the books! You can plant the seeds to grow a love of reading long before your toddler knows his ABC’s.

16 months brings with it the beginning of climbing. Li’l T is trying to climb onto the couch leading with his right leg. He hasn’t mastered it yet but it’s only  a matter of time. He’s getting picky about what he will and won’t eat when he’s with us. At daycare he eats everything I send. *sigh* I see some homemade smoothies on the horizon.

His 15 month check up was about 2 weeks ago. 23 lbs 10.5 oz, 32 inches. He had lost weight before the last appointment because he was ill and he’s gained it back now. One morning he woke up with hives and we thought that he was having an allergic reaction. We explained it to his doctor but she suspected that it was strep throat. She was right. There were no signs in his throat but it showed up on the rapid culture. His shots were postponed until this upcoming Tuesday.


4 Responses to "16 months"

He’s so cute! I hope he’s all better now. Smoothies are a life-saver when they get picky about eating. Just blend up all their nutrients for the day in one yummy concoction and viola. I garnish Marlie’s cup with sliced fruit so she thinks she’s getting something extra special. BTW, she’s one of those fearless toddlers…it’s exhausting.

I echo Teresha’s comment. Toddlers can be exhausting, especially while teething. I’m glad you’ve found some good soothers. I’ve also heard the baltic amber necklace works. I’ve also found some good info and helpful tips here on this Mom’s Guide (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/).

that’s one cute little man. I hope he’s doing much better.

Thank you. He’s doing so much better.

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