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17 months

Posted on: May 19, 2011

17-Month-Old Child

Chances are your little devil has developed some naughty new habits. (Break out the earplugs!)

Um, was that a human sound? You might be asking yourself that these days if you’re one of those (not so lucky) parents who’ve got a screamer in the house. Lots of toddlers love to express themselves (loudly) and to experiment with different levels of pitch and volume. This behavior is temporary, but you can help decrease the decibels with a few choice tactics (for example, challenge your yeller to a whispering contest or encourage her to sing instead of shriek). And speaking of vocalizing, chances are your chatterbox can string a couple of words together or even speak intelligibly about half the time. Some typical behaviors these days: throwing everything and anything she can heave and opening the fridge a million times a day, both examples of showing off a new skill. She may also have figured out how to rip off her diaper (you know, the brand-new one you put on two minutes ago!). With so much learning happening so quickly, don’t be surprised if your toddler’s attachment to her comfort object (I need my monkey!) or her thumb kicks into high gear. Cuddling a pillow or sucking a thumb is a toddler’s way of blowing off steam, though some children comfort themselves in other (more disconcerting) ways, such as with head banging or hair pulling. These behaviors are not necessarily a cause for alarm (as long as your child seems generally happy and sociable), but there are tactics to try to redirect that energy. For example, provide your child with other ways to release tension (a pillow to punch or a toy hammer to pound) or an extra-furry stuffed toy that a hair puller can tug on to her heart’s content.

Li’l T turned 17-months last week. I can’t believe that we’re almost at a year and half. I know that I keep saying it, but his budding personality tickles me a lot. Somedays he doesn’t want to come home from daycare. He’ll hide behind one of his teachers and peak at me. He loves, love, LOVES his teddy bear. The poor thing is so squished. LOL The other day he threw his bear into the bathtub while the water was running. At first, I thought he was being disobedient since Big T had told him not to do it. I realized afterward that he was throwing toys in that he wanted to bathe with. The poor bear’s music box doesn’t work now. LOL

He’s learning the songs from his favorite shows: Wonder Pets, Fresh Beat Band, Dora. He can’t say the words very well but he talks at the right times. He even did Dora’s we did it dance the other night. LOL

He can drink out of a glass on his own. We need to get him some little toddler cups so he try to run around the house with glasses.

Li’l T has been able to climb on to the couch a few times. I was really surprised when he did it out of the blue. I’ve noticed him lifting up his leg and trying to climb out of his crib. I know it’s only a matter of time before we’re converting his crib to a toddler bed.

I really love this kid.


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Another month already?! Yay for drinking out of a glass! I see lots of older toddlers with sippy cups and it drives me batty.

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