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Li’l T Goes on Vacation

Posted on: July 25, 2011

It’s the week that I’ve been dreading/looking forward to. Li’l T is down south with my family. This past Saturday we met my sisters and nephew in NC to do the pick up. I wanted us to sit down for a bit so he could get used to them again. I was concerned that he might panic but my worries were unfounded. It didn’t take long for him to warm up to everyone at my uncle’s house. He met my aunt, uncle and my cousin’s kids and had a ball. When we were about to leave we noticed that my car had a split tire. We got a new one while Li’l T headed to SC. He’s stayed with my younger sister and today my father had one on one time with him. I miss him but I’m not as sad as I thought I’d be. He’s having a great time and making lots of friends. Big T and I have gone out to celebrate our anniversary and his birthday. It was a great feeling to be out and not have to run home. I had forgotten what that was like. Li’l T will be back Saturday and my nephew will be staying with us for a week. I will enjoy this time while he’s away but I will be happy when he’s back.


4 Responses to "Li’l T Goes on Vacation"

Hi! I saw your blog on Young Mommy’s Life FB page! Just coming through to show some blogger support. My husband is from SC, but we live in VA! Fortunately, my husbands immediate family moved to VA to find better opportunities so we don’t have to travel down 95 as much.

Thank you for visiting. The trip up and down 95 gets tiresome at times.

We don’t have an family where we live, so M has never slept away from us. I sometimes worry about her not growing up around family.
I am so glad you got to spend some Qt with the hubs. It must have felt strange, but exhilarating!

Yeah, none of our family is here. We usually travel to see my family once a year and they’ll in turn do a trip. It was fun having that time alone. He really enjoyed himself while he was away and that made it a lot easier to enjoy ourselves.

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