Rainbows and Dragonflies

21 Months

Posted on: September 11, 2011

21-Month-Old Child

A preference for “boy” or “girl” stuff may soon emerge as toddlers continue to express their individuality.

It may seem as if your toddler never stops moving, but she actually spends about 20 percent of her time just looking around. So don’t fret if she’s sitting on the sidelines while the other critters are racing around — she’s participating in her own way and that’s fine. One thing that’s not fine is a toddler’s tendency to put all sorts of objects in places where they don’t belong, like her nose, ears, mouth, and vagina. Be firm about this behavior as you explain why it’s a bad idea to shove a raisin in your nostril. And speaking of explanations, now is a good time to start teaching your toddler about the concept of time. For example, talk about your schedule: “First we’ll go to the library, then we’ll go to the playground” and remind her what happens on particular days of the week: “On Sundays, we go to Grandma’s.” You might also be thinking about sexual identity issues as toddlers start to show preferences for certain types of toys, games, and playmates. Keep in mind that crossing traditional gender lines is not unusual at this age, so ease up on the pressure for your little girl to act like one. By the same token, parents of boys should steer clear of stifling their son’s emotions in an effort to “make a man out of him.” In other news, routines are an increasingly important part of a toddler’s day since they represent calm in the storm of their very busy life. Routines can help smooth transitions, especially when it comes to toddler bedtime routines, morning time schedules, and day care departures. Another key to keeping a toddler on an even keel is offering the right kind of comfort when things go wrong. For example, if your tot gets a boo-boo (to her body or her spirit), stay calm and you’ll help her do the same. Listen without lectures or I-told-you-so’s (there’s plenty of time for those later) and offer unconditional comfort, no matter whose fault it was. Really, a kiss does make things better.

This month brings counting from 2-10 (the number 1 just doesn’t exist) and singing the alphabet song. It’s so cute that the numbers 7 and 8 sound alike and lmnop sounds like mommamamasomething. LOL We’ve found that singing the alphabet song will calm him down some of the times that he’s upset. I think it’s just the tune of the song. Drumming has picked up and he bangs on EVERYTHING. He’s very insistent that we participate. He’ll hand us some spoons and start dancing around. He has the new thing that he does with bananas. He’ll hold one horizontally across his tummy and say “banana oo oo oo.”  His daycare was suprised to hear about it so we have no idea where it came from. LOL My aunt gave him a toy vacuum cleaner and he loves being chased by it. It’s funny because he’s scared by the real thing. I’m sure it’s the loud sound because the blender freaks him out, too.


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