Rainbows and Dragonflies

As Summer Comes to a Close

Posted on: September 22, 2011

Lately, the weather has been cluing us in to the fact that Summer is coming to an end. Tomorrow, is the first day of my favorite season, Fall. I’ve been very busy at work so the summer kind of dragged by without much acknowledgement from me. We did get to hang out some so I wanted to do a farewell ode to summer.

In July, Li’l T attended a birthday pool party. He loves water so he was gung ho even though the water was a little cool. He wasn’t very happy about getting out so we could go inside to eat. LOL

Later on that month we took Li’l T and my nephew to a baseball game. Mets vs Nationals. Great fun even though Li’l T got restless before the end.

In August, we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. I was very impressed by the building and features. Not so much but the high ticket prices. :-\


5 Responses to "As Summer Comes to a Close"

*I am tearing up* Summer is ending. Why is little man looking so much like mama these days! So cute

LOL For a while he just looked like himself but now he’s my twin.

I love fall too. Summer did go by in a blur. Nice to see you guys got to do a few fun things.

Next year I hope to really enjoy. I have to plan ahead. LOL

Good to see the little man having such a good time.Fall is my time of year. Good to hear from you and see the baby. Sarah

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