Rainbows and Dragonflies

23 Months

Posted on: November 10, 2011

23-Month-Old Child

Where do you think you’re going, Mom? That may be the message your toddler sends (loudly and/or tearfully) every time you try to leave her side.

Toddler separation anxiety comes and goes during the first few years of life, but the period around the second birthday is often the toughest of all. There are plenty of potential culprits, such as stress over a new sibling or new babysitter, or the thought that you’ll do something fun without her. Whatever the cause, it’s best to make partings short and sweet (but never sneak off without a good-bye). More must-learn lessons include how to behave in public — on shopping trips, when traveling, and in restaurants. Don’t expect too much too soon, but do explain (gently yet firmly) what’s appropriate when your toddler’s out and about. (With that said, at this age shopping and dining out will be more efficient and enjoyable if she stays home.) Your toddler may also get frazzled at certain times of the day, quite often when you get home from work. Try to take a time-out together before you dive into dinner prep and devote your full attention to a game or story. Spending ten toddler-focused minutes now may make all the difference in her mood and willingness to let you do your chores. In other news, tooth-brushing battles may be raging in your bathroom — try letting her choose a colorful toothbrush and perform a preliminary brushing before you finish up. A similar strategy works for hair brushing, another potential grooming minefield. Try to make the process less painful by letting your toddler pick out her barrettes and bows and by using detangling products and a wide-tooth comb to minimize the “torture.” Speaking of torture, you may encounter some (explosive) resistance when it comes to putting on your toddler’s clothes and shoes (not to mention coat, hat, and mittens!). Provide choices, distractions, and a good dose of humor, and things should go more smoothly. Good luck!

We’re a month away from having a 2-year-old. Time has certainly flown.

I can’t be out of Li’l T’s sight. Even if he’s with his dad I have to be within eyesight or he’s coming to look for me. If they leave the house without me Li’l T throws a temper tantrum.


  • Sings the Alphabet Song by himself.  It’s actually pretty easy to figure out what letters he’s singing.
  • Has started singing “A Friend Like You” from Fresh Beat Band, the Backyardigans theme song and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

He’s in a toddler size 6 shoe and 2T clothing. His clothes are a little big but it’s better than the snug 18 months clothes.


  • He likes tortellini. Especially, if it’s on mommy’s plate.
  • Oatmeal for breakfast most mornings with brown sugar, milk, butter and whatever fruit we have on had.
  • He LOVES scrambled eggs and doesn’t seem to get enough.
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches with hidden veggies are still a hit
  • Bananas are a must. Especially, since he can reach them in the fruit bowl on the dining room table.
  • I’ve determined that he’s put me on a diet. The Li’l T Approves Diet. Basically, he picks at and eats my food and “approves” the food that is left for me to eat.
  • Turkey bacon

Favorite word is NO! We’re told that repeatedly when we aren’t doing something that he approves of.


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