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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Posted on: December 10, 2011

Li'l T at 2 years old

24-Month-Old Child

Talk about emotional! Two-year-olds are famous for their over-the-top expressions of love and pleasure as well as anger and frustration.

And speaking of bumps in the road, lots of children — even those who used to sleep like logs — may start waking in the night (not pleasant for anyone involved). The cause of thesetoddler sleep problems? It could be erupting molars, nightmares or night terrors, fear of the dark, illness, or even stress. Your goal: Figure out the problem so you can fix it (and get back to bed!). Other toddler quirks may include a sudden desire for your perfectly ambulatory tot to be carried…everywhere! Chalk that up to two-year-old negativity (If Mom wants me to walk, that’s a good enough reason not to) and to a developmentally appropriate ambivalence about separating from Mommy and yet needing her as much as ever. This too shall pass. In the meantime, try playing games or singing as you walk to distract her, or make her your special helper and let her carry your mail or grocery list. More stuff you might be thinking about: making the move from crib to bed; establishing good eating habits now that her diet (and the places she may dine) are more varied; tantrums (sorry, they’re just a fact of toddler life, but there are ways to head them off and to deal with inevitable eruptions). Lastly, this is a great time to tell your tot (and remind yourself) that everybody’s different, both in how they look and how they act — and that those differences should be at least respected and, at best, celebrated. Teaching children about tolerance helps them develop self-esteem (I accept you for who you are, therefore you accept me) and empathy.

Well, what can I say? Li’l T is 2. *bawls silently* This little ball of energy moves non-stop from the time he wakes up to the time he finally falls asleep. And his mouth goes along with the ride.

We’re still having problems with naptime and now it seems that he’s determined that bedtime is evil as well. We’ve moved his bedtime back a little bit to 8 and he seems to settle down a little easier. If a 5 minute tantrum versus 10 minutes is easier. *smh* The nice part of the night though is that he likes to read all of the books in sight before going to sleep. I LOVE that he loves books.

He says EVERYTHING at the top of his lungs. He just randomly starts yelling as he counts from 1-10.

He’s STILL playing in the dryer. It’s like his own little clubhouse.

Spinning in circles has become a new pastime. He spins and spins and falls down. Just to do it all over again. LOL

He’s a little trickster. He closed the door on me when I went in my bedroom. I opened the door after he knocked but he had already run off laughing.

Bonsai seems to be getting used to him. It’s been two years, I would hope so. He doesn’t run off anymore when Li’l T enters a room. He only runs when he’s chased but he comes back later.

He randomly puts things up. For example, he pulled a book off of the dining table and a piece of paper fell, too. He picked up the paper and put it back on the table.

His car seat will be flipped around soon.

Li’l T and Big T have already started wrestling. I tend to stay out of the so I don’t end up getting hit by a random limb.

NO ONE is allowed to sleep when he’s awake. He will walk over and do anything to wake you up. Hit you, pull your clothes. Or in the case of my nephew a few months ago, kick you in the head. 😐

He likes to brush and comb my hair. Ironic since he won’t let me brush and comb his hair.

When the house phone rings he now hands it to me. My cell phone on the other hand has become his personal toy. He texts, emails and calls and hangs up on people. Usually my younger sister is the recipient of the calls.


  • “Beboo Beboo” is his phrase for “open.” It took a while to figure it out but he says it anytime he stands next to a closed door, the fridge, and dishwasher.
  • Eyes, mouth, nose, head and tummy. He’s learned to say these while pointing to the right body parts. The only problem is when he points at our noses and sticks a finger inside. 😐
  • Tickle tickle.
  • Thank you.
  • Oh yeah. I do wonder if he’s the Kool-aid man.
  • Good job.


  • He tried salmon for the first and liked it. I was surprised. He’ll be getting more of that soon.
  • Frittatas and hard boiled eggs. He likes ANYTHING egg, period.

2 Responses to "Happy 2nd Birthday!"

A guess at bepoo: it sounds like peek-a-boo to me. Maybe he’s thinking of when you open your hands from your face and say “peek-a-boo!”

Also, talking at the top of your lungs continues until at least 8. Even when you’re sitting next to each other.

I can’t wait to visit again!

Hm, that could be. Only thing is we rarely play peekaboo. Not even sure he knows what it is. LOL I’ll keep thinking on it.

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