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Adventures in Potty Training

Posted on: August 22, 2012

For the past few months we’ve been potty training Li’l T with the help of his daycare. They have a schedule at daycare where he goes regularly and he’ll go to the potty without any urging when he’s at home. We’re halfway there. When he went on vacation last month my younger sister bought him his first pack of little boy underwear. I’m not ready for him to be a big boy but it’s about time to get him out of diapers. The glitch in the system is that he hasn’t made the connection yet that he isn’t supposed to go in his undies. If he’s bottomless he hops on the potty but when he has on undies he equates them with diapers and goes in them. I know it’s a process and he’ll get it eventually. I just want to make sure we help him move forward and not backward.

Since he still wears diapers at daycare we’ve been thinking about switching him to some sort of training pants. My head is swimming after reading the pros and cons of disposable versus cloth training pants. At this point I think we’re going to go cloth. One, because it’s eco-friendly, less expensive and we can go back to a similar process that we used for his cloth diapers. Two, I think disposable will be too similar to diapers and it’ll be harder for him to transition to his big boy underwear.

Are you potty training as well? How is it going for you? Do you have a child who’s potty trained and have some tips and tricks to share? Let’s hear it.


2 Responses to "Adventures in Potty Training"

we had the most success by doing this when we weren’t going to leave the house, and got the thick padded underwear. both of us were home for 2 weeks and we did a real crash course in potty training. have you actually said ‘don’t go in your underwear’? because just like anything else, it needs repeated, time and again. no, those are not for pee and poop, it goes in the potty. adding in an EW every now and then didn’t hurt, either. lol.

I try to remind him every time. He says “ok” kind of sadly and goes about his business. Just have to keep reminding him I guess. LOL

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