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Italian dressing marinated tilapia, rice and edamame
Slow cooker cabbage rolls with ground turkey
Roast chicken. Meat will be used for:

Stir-fried Shrimp and Broccoli
Shrimp and Sugar Snap Sauté with Garlic Toasts


Recap: Last week we used a new jambalaya recipe and that sucker was SPICY! Needless to say that I’m the only one who can eat it with the least discomfort. I’ll be freezing it until we can reheat it and dilute it.

So, here’s this week’s list with a few holdovers that weren’t cooked last week.

Sunday – Pesto shrimp pasta
(Meatless) Monday – Eggplant Parmesan with Sundried Tomato Sauce
Tuesday – Chicken-butternut tagine
Wednesday – Teriyaki turkey burgers
Thursday – Chicken Marsala
Friday – Leftovers

Last week’s plan went well. We did switch the day of some of the meals and we didn’t do crab cakes. On to this week.

Blackened Cumin-cayenne tilapia
Crockpot jambalaya
Mushroom Frittata
Chicken-butternut tagine
Pesto shrimp pasta
Chicken, edamame, and rice salad

For “What I’m Making Monday” I wanted to show off a scarf that I crocheted for the mister. The pattern was found on Ravelry and I used a skein of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn in Charcoal Print. It’s a self striping yarn so I didn’t have to worry about changing yarns.

It’s getting colder now and Li’l T needs an extra layer under his pants. Especially since his pants ride up while I’m carrying him to the car. I used this tutorial from Everything Your Mama Made and More! and within an hour I had a pair of leg warmers (or Baby Legs as they’re called now) for him. Yes, I know the term “leg warmer” conjures up thoughts of 80s girls with bright colored leg warmers over tights. I assure you that was NOT what I was shooting for with him. I specifically picked out some long socks that had a masculine design.

Pinned and ready to be sewn

Toe and heel of sock

Single stitch all the way around

Folded down after zig-zag stitch

Completed leg warmer

Pair of leg warmers


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